“I have been coming to Dr. Meelu and staff since 2006. First for breast cancer and I was cancer free for 16 years and now I am back in 2023 with ovarian cancer. I love Dr. Meelu and staff. They make you feel like friends and family and keep you smiling, laughing and happy while going through your treatments. I also had Schree from the first treatment I ever did and 11 years later she is still here helping me get through this cancer. I really do think they helped me stay alive. Schree is a wonderful person and friend. Love them all.”

–  Lori R.

“I can’t explain how fantastic the entire staff of Dr. Meelu’s office are. The ladies who run the infusion side are the happiest, kindest, caring nurses. Schree, Nicole and Denise have always been the best! I love these women warriors. The staff is great as well. I look forward to seeing them every appointment. It takes special gifted people to handle this tough job. Dr. Meelu is my hero. What a doctor! I would recommend him to anyone for cancer or blood disorders. Believe me they are the best! I love them and consider them my family and friends.”

–  Sharron T.

“My father visits this office often. We love the staff, they take great care of him. Dr. Meelu is wonderful and very professional. They are always having social events for the patients. I Highly Recommend this office.”

–  Stephanie W.

“Dr. Meelu and his staff are top notch, very friendly, very helpful and very good at putting you at ease!!”

–  Brenda N.

“The staff is so compassionate and helpful.”

–  Alexandra M.