About Us

Caring for Our Community

Dr. Meelu has over 25 years of experience working as an Oncologist and Hematologist in Charles County, MD. We have an advanced functioning infusion center and we treat all types of chemotherapy and immunotherapy to our patients. Some tertiary care facilities refer patients to us for treatment so the patients can be closer to home. We also administer other infusions for gastroenterology and rheumatology when referred by a patient’s doctor. We also work with other facilities such as the University of Maryland Medical Center, Johns Hopkins University Hospital and Georgetown University Hospital and coordinate with them for specialized care for their patient’s specific condition and treatment. We are involved in our patient’s care on a one-to-one basis. Our registered nurses and medical assistants, under the guidance of Dr. Meelu, act as social workers and provide emotional support and much more. We also help guide our patients with insurance issues and financial problems.

When our patients are under active treatment, they are encouraged to contact our office with any problem or physical symptom that may occur. The oncology field is rapidly growing and new therapies are being approved almost every month, if not every week. We keep ourselves abreast with all these new changes and treatments and provide our patients the best possible care for their situation so that they do not have to travel long distances to get the same treatment close to home.

Dr. Meelu

Our Facility

Our brand new facility is custom built to ensure comfortability for our patients. A very friendly staff with personal care is crucial for our specialty so everyone feels welcomed and at home. Brand new equipment with amenities allows our patients to lean back and relax in our soothing atmosphere.