4 Tips to Make Getting Chemotherapy More Comfortable

4 Tips to Make Getting Chemotherapy More Comfortable

It is normal to get anxious about what to expect during chemotherapy treatments. Chemotherapy, like any other treatment, has side effects and is never a ride in the park. However, you can make your chemotherapy sessions comfortable and even reduce the impact of the side effects. The most common method of chemotherapy treatment is intravenous infusions. The treatment takes significant time per session; therefore, you should be adequately prepared. 

How can you prepare for chemotherapy treatments? Here are some tips that will help you make your chemo sessions comfortable:

1. Sufficient Hydration

Chemotherapy treatments tend to dehydrate the body. Consequently, dry lips may be one of the most common side effects after treatment. It is essential to get ahead of the side effects by staying hydrated before and after the chemo session. Drink a lot of fluid before the beginning of the session. 

You can take three glasses of water before treatment or any fluid that is not caffeinated and is non-alcoholic. After the sessions, you should also take sufficient fluid to reduce the concentration of medication in your body and help with essential hydration. 

2. Increase Fiber in Your Diet

The medication your doctor will administer to you during chemotherapy treatment can affect the digestive system. Basic nutrition is essential in keeping your body nourished. It is, however, necessary to increase the fiber content in your meal. The fiber will help with digestion and, as such, minimize constipation which is also a side effect of chemo. 

3. Take Medication for Nausea

Nausea is a common side effect of chemo and one which many chemo patients dread. You can experience nausea during and after the chemo treatment. Doctors administer medication to help prevent nausea. As such, you should ensure that you take the medication before you start the chemo session. 

You can also ask your doctor to administer chemo in a well-ventilated room. Taking some time to sit outside with the fresh air might also help prevent feeling nauseated after the treatment. It is also essential to inform your doctor if you feel the medication is not working well. Your doctor will recommend another medication until you find what is effective. 

4. Carry Some Form of Entertainment

Chemo session takes quite some time during the intravenous transfusion. Most treatments commonly take up to two hours which is quite a while to sit with nothing to do. Some hospitals provide patients with entertainment through television. You can carry your favorite book to read to kill time. Additionally, you should wear comfortable clothing and have a blanket in case you get cold. 

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