Cancer Facts

We Treat All Types of Cancers

  • We treat all types of cancer, in special circumstances we collaborate with other specialists/hospitals.
  • Three basic treatment modalities are surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy/immunotherapy either intravenously or oral.
  • Your cancer specialist can advise you about treatment options or a combination of options suitable for you.
  • We routinely offer second opinions on cases seen by other specialists.
  • We provide all chemotherapy/immunotherapy at our center.
  • Chemotherapy is a broad name for chemical, biological and immunological agents given to treat cancer.
  • Usually we recommend a regular, healthy, nutritious diet, but we always evaluate and advise according to your situation and needs.
  • We also review pros and cons of any other natural or dietary supplements that can benefit patients on treatment.

The Treatment Process

ID & Review

Before patients receive treatment, we review with them the potential side effects and provide medications if some complications (nausea, vomiting) do occur. After our two RNs have identified the patient, reviewed labs, vital signs and verified the chemotherapy protocol, they review everything with the doctor before starting the treatment.

Treatment Begins

Once our thorough checklist is completed, we proceed with treatment. Our patients are constantly supervised with our experienced RNs and if any problems or side effects of treatment arise, we are able to treat them right away. Our experience shows that because of the environment of our facility, our patients feel right at home while receiving treatment.

During the Journey

Dr. Meelu and his staff work hard to ensure our patients are as comfortable and informed as possible throughout the duration of the treatment regimen. We thrive to ensure our patients’ well-being is our top priority.