Dr. Meelu has over 20 years of experience working as an Oncologist and Hematologist. He treats and advises on all types of cancers and blood disorders. There are some conditions and cancers which need specialized expertise including surgery and chemotherapy in the form of stem cell transplant. In that case, we work with various tertiary care facilities including University of Maryland Medical Center, Johns Hopkins University Hospital and Georgetown University Hospital. We have the capabilities to administer all and any type of chemotherapy at our facility right here in Waldorf, Maryland.

In addition to receiving excellent treatment, our patients work with one of our three full time RNs for other support needed outside of treatment. The RNs mimic the role of a social worker for the patient. They provide emotional support, work with various medical agencies and depending on the particular situation, help find financial support for
the patients.

When our patients are under active treatment, they are encouraged to contact our office with any problem or physical symptom that may occur. Sometimes, patients experience side effects from the treatment they are receiving, which can be handled effectively by our office. However, we encourage our patients to continue to follow up with their primary care physician for other issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

We customize the treatment protocol according to the specific disease or cancer and to the particular patient, keeping in mind their overall health, age, organ functions and more. One thing we take into consideration is the fact that a particular cancer can look the same on the surface but can effect each patient differently overall. As we have learned from cytogenetics, one type of malignancy actually differs person to person. This is why we believe in a personalized chemotherapy treatment approach.


Cancer and Blood Disorders Treatment Center
M. Ashraf Meelu, MD FACP
3200 Crain Highway, Suite 302
Waldorf, Maryland 20603

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